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Medora Boom, Bust, and Resurrection
If you love Medora and history, Medora: Boom, Bust, and Resurrection is the book for you. The incredible, and sometimes violent, history of North Dakota's premiere tourist destination is beautifully and exquisitely captured in this fantastic book!

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Mr. Bubble - The Harold Schafer Story
A documentary of Harold Schafer's creation of the Gold Seal Company and how he used his fortune to turn Medora into North Dakota's number one tourist destination.
Official Badlands Teddy Bear
The Badlands Teddy Bear pays homage to Theodore Roosevelt's time spent in the Badlands. Theodore Roosevelt came to Dakota Territory in 1883 to hunt bison -- and eventually he came to own two ranches in the Dakota Badlands. Badlands Teddy is perfect companion for the outdoor enthusiasts.
Aristocrat of the West: The Story of Harold Schafer
This book is an incredible look into the life of one of America's greatest business men. At one time it is estimated that every home in the country had at least one of Schafer's products at hand -- Glass Wax, Snowy Bleach, Mr. Bubble. Eventually, Harold went on to revive Medora, turning into North Dakota's premiere tourist destination.
Medora Musical: The First Fifty Years
Take a stroll through 50 years of the Medora Musical with the book, Medora Musical: The First Fifty Years. With large photos, play bills, and commentary from the pioneers of our show, we bring you through the Medora Musical year-by-year, highlighting crowning moments of the "Greatest Show in the West"!

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100th Anniversary National Parks Teddy Bear
The National Parks Teddy Bear commemorates Theodore Roosevelt's desire to set aside land for the use of all the American people. If you love exploring all of America's National Parks, from sea to shining sea, this Teddy is a great exploring partner! In fact, the National Park Service is celebrating 100 years in 2016 -- making this Bear quite a collectible.
A Live Recording of Medora's Gospel Brunch CD